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Congress for Sports Traumatology and Sports Medicine in Seefeld, Tyrol

Further training "Orthopaedic aspects in sport 2024"

It was a great honor and a special experience for me to take part in the 38th German-Austrian-Swiss Congress for Sports Traumatology from February 16 to 24. This took place in Seefeld, Tyrol. This event brought together experts from the field of sports medicine and sports traumatology from German-speaking countries and offered a unique platform for exchange, learning and networking.

The picturesque backdrop of Seefeld in Tyrol, surrounded by impressive mountains, created an inspiring atmosphere for the numerous lectures, workshops and discussion panels. The variety of topics ranged from the latest research findings in the prevention and treatment of sports injuries to innovative techniques and methods in rehabilitation medicine.

I was particularly impressed by the interdisciplinary approach of the congress. The opportunity to exchange ideas with experts from various fields – from orthopaedists and physiotherapists to sports scientists and trainers – was immensely enriching. This exchange opened up new perspectives and approaches for daily practice and future research.

Taking part in the 38th German-Austrian-Swiss Congress for Sports Traumatology was not only an opportunity for me to expand my specialist knowledge, but also a source of inspiration. The encounters and discussions with colleagues, the exchange of experiences and the discussion of future challenges and opportunities have motivated me to make my contribution to the further development of sports medicine and sports traumatology.

I can look back on an enriching experience in Seefeld, Tyrol, and look forward to integrating what I learned into my work and contributing to improving the health and performance of athletes.

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