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Dr. Radek Hart

Radek Hart


Specialist in orthopedics and traumatology
Elbow specialist
Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England

"Musculoskeletal problems reduce quality of life more than most other conditions and often have no easy solutions. Getting the patient out of their problems and back to what they used to do is the biggest challenge for me."

My specialisation | Orthopaedic specialist Vienna 1190

Having worked in several university hospitals, I am one of the few experts dedicated to the entire spectrum of orthopedics and traumatology.

My domains include:

The specialty for me is the elbow joint with all its diseases and post-traumatic conditions.

Your advantages in my practice

Appointment allocation
Waiting times
Diagnostic options
Access to the most modern top hospitals
Inpatient treatment possible in public & private hospitals

Why I came to Vienna

Moving from the Czech Republic to Vienna was a conscious decision for me that was driven by various motivations. On the one hand, I wanted to further improve my qualifications and take on new professional challenges. Vienna not only offers a rich medical environment, but also the opportunity to apply my experience in a different healthcare system and expand my knowledge in new ways. The variety of patients and clinical pictures in Vienna is a fascinating change and allows me to contribute my many years of experience in the treatment of various diseases. I also appreciate the opportunity to use my foreign language skills in a multicultural environment and thus communicate even more closely with my patients and understand them better. All in all, the move to Vienna was a step that not only opened up professional development opportunities for me, but was also very enriching on a personal level.

The concept of the surgery focuses on complex diagnostics and subsequent surgical treatment of the patient's disease. Our goal is to provide professional patient care based on the latest medical science.

About me - Your orthopaedic surgeon in Vienna

Having attended many international congresses over the past 25 years, I keep up with the rapid development of orthopedics. I have succeeded in integrating both proven procedures and news from French-speaking, English-speaking and German-speaking orthopedic schools into my daily practice. Together with a quarter of a century of scientific research, this also enables me to incorporate the latest findings into my work.

What my patients say about me