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Your surgery

Dear patients,

My name is Dr. Radek Hart, and as a specialist in orthopaedic surgery, your health and well-being are particularly important to me. When deciding on a surgical procedure, I rely on a combination of many years of experience and the latest diagnostic procedures. Surgery is only considered once all the options for comprehensive conservative treatment have been exhausted. This approach ensures that a surgical solution is only considered if it is really necessary to improve your quality of life.

Your operation will be planned with the utmost care and consideration of your individual situation. The waiting times for an operation appointment can vary depending on the clinic, but are generally in the range of days to several months. The course and duration of your surgical treatment will depend on a number of factors, including the nature and severity of your condition, as well as yourgeneral health and personal circumstances.

My primary goal is to improve your quality of life as much as possible through the surgical procedure. After the operation, you will be accompanied by an individually tailored physiotherapy program that is specially adapted to your needs in order to promote optimal recovery. In addition, regular check-ups are carried out in order to closely monitor the healing process and intervene at an early stage if necessary.

I and my team always endeavor to provide you with comprehensive information and support so that you can embark on the road to recovery with confidence and trust.

Yours sincerely, Dr. Radek Hart

Operations performed to date by body region

> 600
Spinal operations
> 400
Knee surgeries
> 300
Elbow joint operations
> 100
Ankle & foot surgery
> 0
Shoulder surgeries
> 0
Hip surgeries

Artificial joints used to date

> 1100
> 1100
> 0
> 0
Ankle joint
> 0
Elbow joint

Arthroscopy (all large joints)

> 1500