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Surgery after severe elbow dislocation

I operated on a young man after a severe dislocation of the elbow joint. Both collateral ligaments and the joint capsule on the front were torn. To ensure that the patient’s elbow remains stable in the future and that he can continue to use his hand without any problems, it was necessary to treat all of these injuries from three sides. First we stitched the joint capsule back onto the ulna from the front. This part of the operation is tricky, as the large vessels and nerves run along the front of the elbow and most surgeons do not dare to enter the joint from the front. We then stitched the inner collateral ligament and finally the outer collateral ligament back onto the humerus. The patient can start exercising their elbow from the second day after the operation.

before surgery
Inserting the anchors
Anchors for the sidebands
Anchor in the ulna

My range of treatment