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How to prevent injuries when skiing?

Skiing vacations are often accompanied by ski injuries. I’ll tell you the best way to avoid ski injuries here!

1. a workout focussing on strengthening the gluteal, thigh and core muscles, e.g:


Underestimating this physical preparation leads to faster muscle fatigue and the resulting possible inability to cope adequately with a critical situation on the piste.

2. protective equipment

Protecting your head with a ski helmet is of course the highest priority. Spinal injuries are usually caused by sudden excessive leaning forward.

ATTENTION – Commercially available spinal protectors are generally not effective against this injury mechanism! It is necessary to search the market for a protector that ensures the strengthening of the spine according to the three-point principle.

3. high-quality and well-fitted ski bindings

When a ski becomes uncontrollable, this is a critical moment when both the joints (ligaments) and the bones of the lower limbs are at great risk. The moment the binding comes loose and the boot loses its grip on the ski, there is usually no injury.

4. the prevention of physical exhaustion

Do not overtax children and give them frequent breaks – hips and knees can become overloaded.

5. good self-assessment

Stick to the principles of movement on the ski slope, do not overestimate your own strength and experience and do not underestimate the weather conditions on the mountain.

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